Understanding Project Requirements

With our advanced manufacturing facilities and extensive warehouse capacity at both our Lisburn and Warrington sites, we’re extremely proud of our capabilities as a UK manufacturer and we have lots of customers here in the UK. However, we also supply on a global scale, and ensuring that the right materials arrive in the correct location on time and with all the necessary documentation requires much more than a standard order fulfilment approach; it demands project management expertise.

Understanding Project Requirements
Vantrunk specialises in providing cable management solutions for all kinds of extreme environments, including the oil & gas industry, petrochemicals, rail and nuclear. The diversity of projects we get involved with leverages the company’s 50+ years of experience but no two projects are the same and different geographies have their own requirements in areas as diverse as customs regulations, import duties, health & safety legislation, climate and compliance, affecting both specification decisions and logistics. One thing that all the projects we supply have in common, however, is that both scheduling and budgets must remain on track, which means our customers have to be able to rely on us to manage every aspect of their requirements.

Project Management Expertise
We work with our customers to understand their needs and specify a solution that fits their requirements, and that solutions-driven approach continues in the way we apply our experience to managing their order through the production, fulfilment and delivery process, anywhere in the world.
We support our customers by:
• Advising on shipping quantities and intervals
• Managing production schedules to ensure product is ready for shipping on time
• Managing inspection requirements
• Packing to meet any customer, carrier or destination port requirements
• Compiling all documentation, including ensuring that the right documents are available, in the local language of the destination if required, and with the right number of copies
By working with customers to understand their site requirements, we can ensure that their shipments are staggered in a way that’s manageable in terms of their local logistics and build schedule, without the risk of any site delays. With the size and frequency of shipments agreed, we can then plan our production schedules and put everything in place for seamless packing, dispatch and transportation,.
And, of course, we also keep customers up-to-speed with progress reports at regular intervals throughout their project, providing complete peace of mind that everything is on track.

Exceeding Expectations
From the oil markets of USA, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to the tiger industrial markets of China and Korea, our customer-base is truly global. Our commitment to customers, wherever their project may be, is that they can expect the same level of service from our UK team as they could if we were based on their doorstep.



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Unitrunk Group has appointed Alan Campbell to the post of Group Projects Director, with responsibility for driving business development strategy for major projects in the heavy industrial sector and overseeing project delivery across both Vantrunk and Unitrunk.

Alan has been part of the team at Vantrunk, the Unitrunk Group’s specialist in cable management for harsh environments, for 10 years. He worked across numerous departments, including engineering and sales, before becoming Commercial & Projects Director. His appointment as Group Projects Director marks a strategic move to align the commercial activities of both Vantrunk and Unitrunk in heavy industrial sectors, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, rail and nuclear, and provides a solutions-based approach that addresses the specific cable management needs of each project.

Alan comments: “Vantrunk has more than 50 years’ experience of providing robust cable management solutions for extreme environments and has been part of the Unitrunk Group since 2000. There has always been a synergy between the product ranges of the two companies and we have always been united by a service-driven approach to collaborative working with customers. The creation of a Group Projects Director role formalises this synergy and ensures that we take a holistic approach to driving business development with solutions from across the group portfolio for the various specialist sectors where Vantrunk already has a strong and respected presence.”

Alan will continue to work from Vantrunk’s advanced manufacturing site in Warrington and work closely with colleagues at the group headquarters in Lisburn, including Group Managing Director, David Morrow, and Group Sales Director, Eddie O’Reilly. He will lead a Group Projects team made up of sales people from across the Vantrunk and Unitrunk businesses, with a remit of identifying and securing projects that require the groups unique cable management solutions both nationally and internationally. Alan’s role also includes working with the customer throughout the lifespan of the project to ensure that the groups ethos of delivering a customer centric approach is maintained.


Extreme Cable Management for Extreme Enviroments

For a specialist in cable management for harsh environments like Vantrunk, Kazkhstan is both exciting and challenging because it’s a dynamic market that is full of business development opportunity and has some of the most extreme specification requirements of anywhere in the world.

Specialists in Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the specialist sectors that Vantrunk works with across the world to provide the robust cable management solutions required for extraction and processing infrastructure. We have been actively involved in the Oil & Gas sector in Kazakhstan since 2005, working with varying engineering companies to ensure the cable management specification meets with the harsh environmental conditions that characterise the region.

Kazakhstan – a snapshot

Kazakhstan has become a major market for Vantrunk because of the sheer scale of infrastructure needed to extract the oil and gas from the country’s ample reserves. The facts and figures speak for themselves:
• Kazakhstan is in the top 15 countries in the world for oil reserves
• The country is more than one million square miles, 62% of which is rich in Oil & Gas reserves
• There are 172 oil fields in Kazakhstan
• A further 80 are under development
• Atyrau province alone has 75 oil fields

Vantrunk’s Distinctive Capabilities

All the projects we supply involve cable management for harsh environments, but in Kazakhstan the extremes are beyond those found almost anywhere else in the world. With night time winter temperatures that can plummet below -48C and searing summer heat, we have to be able to develop bespoke solutions that offer the durability and service life required for business critical infrastructure.

When engineering companies come to us for projects in Kazakhstan, they are not only purchasing our precision-manufactured products, they are also buying our expertise. We help them select the correct technical specification for these harsh environments, such as expansion joint requirements to cope with variations in temperature and suitable steel grades to operate as low as -48C.

It’s our ability to provide a collaborative approach and bespoke solutions that has led us to supply in excess of 200km of cable management into Kazakhstan to date and, with the market still growing, we’re looking forward to getting involved in even more projects in the future.

If you would like to know more about our innovative solutions contact our sales team sales@vantrunk.co.uk. 



Specialists in cable management for extreme environments, Vantrunk, part of the Unitrunk Group has become the first cable management specialist in the UK to pass fire safety testing for its cable ladder systems.

The move pre-empts any mandatory requirement to certify cable management systems for fire safety in the UK or the EU and has seen Vantrunk proactively choose to invest in fire testing as part of a market-focused approach to supporting robust specification of cable management for any environment.
Independent third party tests have been carried out on Vantrunk’s 900mm SW4 medium duty cable ladder in both stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised, alongside a number of the other cable management systems in its portfolio, including 450mm wide heavy duty UniKlip cable tray and 300mm wide medium duty UniKlip cable tray, and 450mm hot-dip galvanised cable tray.

Vantrunk’s projects director, Alan Campbell comments: “Our cable management systems are designed for tough environments and we know that they can withstand the harshest of conditions. These tests were all about verifying that the cables held within the cable management infrastructure will remain intact and fully-functioning at temperature extremes, underpinning both safety and business continuity for the end user.
“We believe that fire testing should be integral to quality assurance processes for all cable management systems, regardless of whether compliance to a standard is required, and we’re proud to be setting the bar for the sector.”

To pass the fire tests, all the cable management systems had to withstand a temperature curve rising as high as 1000C. The cables in the system had to maintain circuit integrity during the test in order for the system to meet the test criteria. The systems were then fire rated based on the number of minutes they were able to successfully withstand these conditions.


Excellence is its own reward

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Excellence is a great word, isn’t it? If we all invested in doing an excellent job of serving customers and providing excellent quality and design across all we do, just think of the value that philosophy would deliver across the supply chain.

It’s an approach that’s embedded in our culture at Vantrunk and one we share with global engineering, construction and project management company, Bechtel. Indeed, Bechtel has recently recognised Vantrunk with an award for ‘Supply Chain Excellence’, rewarding us for being ‘committed to providing quality products and superior service’.

The award, presented to our Group Projects Director Alan Campbell at Bechtel’s London offices, follows our achievement in supplying more than 200,000 metres of specialist grade cable management systems to Bechtel’s West Nile Delta project for BP. Not only did we maintain the highest standards of quality throughout but we also responded to the customer’s requirements for meeting an accelerated delivery programme, helping Bechtel deliver their own industry-leading standards to BP by supporting them with Vantrunk’s focus on excellence.

It’s an award that’s already taken pride of place at our manufacturing plant in Warrington because it’s an accolade that’s only handed out following a thorough evaluation of how we worked with Bechtel to answer their requirements, work collaboratively with the Bechtel team and go the extra mile to help them achieve their objectives. Nominations were reviewed and approved by Bechtel’s procurement team and project managers, with final recommendations approved by the company’s senior leadership team. In addition to overall performance, we were evaluated on our ability to deliver quality products on time and our success in meeting or exceeding expectations against criteria as diverse as technical expertise and environmental compliance.

It’s wonderful when the efforts of your whole team are appreciated and formally recognised like this, and it’s a testament to the value that Bechtel places on supply chain relationships that they reward partners in this way. But of course, that’s not why we strive for excellence in everything we do. At Vantrunk, excellence is all about delivering our passion for innovation, exceeding expectations and enabling world-class projects across every detail of everything we do every day and that’s a reward we should all be striving for.