Understanding Project Requirements

With our advanced manufacturing facilities and extensive warehouse capacity at both our Lisburn and Warrington sites, we’re extremely proud of our capabilities as a UK manufacturer and we have lots of customers here in the UK. However, we also supply on a global scale, and ensuring that the right materials arrive in the correct location on time and with all the necessary documentation requires much more than a standard order fulfilment approach; it demands project management expertise.

Understanding Project Requirements
Vantrunk specialises in providing cable management solutions for all kinds of extreme environments, including the oil & gas industry, petrochemicals, rail and nuclear. The diversity of projects we get involved with leverages the company’s 50+ years of experience but no two projects are the same and different geographies have their own requirements in areas as diverse as customs regulations, import duties, health & safety legislation, climate and compliance, affecting both specification decisions and logistics. One thing that all the projects we supply have in common, however, is that both scheduling and budgets must remain on track, which means our customers have to be able to rely on us to manage every aspect of their requirements.

Project Management Expertise
We work with our customers to understand their needs and specify a solution that fits their requirements, and that solutions-driven approach continues in the way we apply our experience to managing their order through the production, fulfilment and delivery process, anywhere in the world.
We support our customers by:
• Advising on shipping quantities and intervals
• Managing production schedules to ensure product is ready for shipping on time
• Managing inspection requirements
• Packing to meet any customer, carrier or destination port requirements
• Compiling all documentation, including ensuring that the right documents are available, in the local language of the destination if required, and with the right number of copies
By working with customers to understand their site requirements, we can ensure that their shipments are staggered in a way that’s manageable in terms of their local logistics and build schedule, without the risk of any site delays. With the size and frequency of shipments agreed, we can then plan our production schedules and put everything in place for seamless packing, dispatch and transportation,.
And, of course, we also keep customers up-to-speed with progress reports at regular intervals throughout their project, providing complete peace of mind that everything is on track.

Exceeding Expectations
From the oil markets of USA, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to the tiger industrial markets of China and Korea, our customer-base is truly global. Our commitment to customers, wherever their project may be, is that they can expect the same level of service from our UK team as they could if we were based on their doorstep.


Vantrunk & Cavotec Expand Agreement

Vantrunk are delighted to annouce that we have apointed Cavotec Middle East FZE as their official distributor for the full range of cable management products for the UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Matching the diversity of the general industry market, Cavotec offers a comprehensive range of products. By working closely with clients, they consistently provide effective and cost efficient solutions. Flexibility, quality, and superior customer care, make Cavotec a clear favourite among industry operators throughout the world. 

Vantrunk look forward to forming a successful partnership with Cavotec over the coming years. 


Christmas Jumper Day at Vantrunk

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Staff at Vantrunk's Head Quarters in Warrington, England donned their Christmas jumpers this week in aid of the Save The Children Charity. For more information on this great charity or to donate, visit http://jumpers.savethechildren.org.uk/. 



The Oil & Gas Operators in Oman have identified a major need to create a Joint O&G Supplier Base of Oman that would form the sourcing basis of their Procurement System. The Joint Registration System is a National initiative that will encourage credible suppliers – national and international, to register in the common pool. They will benefit from a ‘Single Window Registration System’ in order to tap into independent Operator opportunities and that would in turn give the Operators a direct connectivity into a ‘cleansed’ base of Suppliers in order to ‘seek and identify’ suppliers for their varying needs.

Vantrunk are delighted to have succssfully completed the registration process and look forward to building on our already rich supply history to Oman. 


Vantrunk exhibit at Offshore Korea

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We recently exhibited at the Offshore Korea Exhibition as part of the UK pavillion.