Articulated Risers


Speedway Articulated Risers (AR) are designed to create adjustable angular non-coplanar connections between Speedway Cable runs and can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Speedway Articulated Risers consist of pre-assembled units, each comprising of end connectors and one or more middle sections which can be adjusted on site to suit specific installation requirements. The articulated riser has a number of advantages over fixed risers: • universal application – there is no requirement to select both inside and outside risers. • any number of middle sections can be added to achieve very large radii and allow strong support along an undulating cable route. • the pattern of fixing holes allows for infinite angle and radius adjustment. • can be used to form a bridge, an ‘S’ bend, or an offset to suit installation routing challanges on site. • the end connectors are vertical adjustable couplers and, by using the easi-bend slots, can be adjusted on site to create combined horizontal & vertical offset connections, or combined riser/tee connections onto the side wall of a main cable ladder run. Speedway Articulated Risers are available in widths from 150mm to 1050mm as standard. Other widths between 100mm to 1500mm are also available subject to cable ladder type. Intended to be locked into place after installation, the Speedway Articulated Riser is not designed to allow for relative movement between adjacent cable runs.