Integral Coupler

All Speedway fittings are manufactured with the Speedlok Integral Coupler as standard reducing number of fixings and weight.

Earth Continuity

Speedway Fittings come with a pre-punched hole for use with the Earth Bonding Strap.

Speedway 300mm Unequal Tee


Speedway Tees are available in widths from 150mm to 1050mm as standard. Speedway tees are available with standard radii of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm & 1200mm. The Speedway Tee radial side walls are manufactured with a repeatable and true radius which eliminates the traditional approach of ‘make it fit’ during installation. All Speedway Tees are now manufactured with a Speedlok Integral Coupler, removing the need for separate couplers in the joining mechanism between cable ladder fittings and straight lengths of ladder. All Speedway Tees will be supplied with all necessary fixings. The rungs in the Speedway Tees are spaced to give a maximum linear distance of no more than 465mm between adjacent rungs/rungs on adjacent ladder and fittings. The rungs are orientated with the open face uppermost to suit the use of cleats and similar cable restraint devices. This allows compliance with current recommendations for cable restraint, especially where cables are used which have a high potential fault current level. Tees have a primary or main width (Wm) and a secondary or branch width (Wb). Tees with the same primary and secondary widths are called equal tees. Tees with differing main and branch widths are called unequal tees.