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Deep Channel Slotted

  • Steel with a Minimum yield strength 280 N/mm.
  • Beams are assumed to be simply supported.
  • Load and deflection are calculated using a safety factor of 1.6 and an allowable stress of 175 N/mm.
  • Results given are for Pre-galvanized steel, Hot dipped galvanized will reduce the stress due to the heat treatment and reduce the loading in the chart by a factor of approx. 18%.
  • Beam loads are calculated from the column face and effective length in BS5950.

The tables show: 1) The max safe working load, 2) the load to give 1/200 deflection 3) load to give 1/360 deflection – the deflection used will depend on the installation designer. • This also applies to Point and UDL loads.

Deep Channel Slotted

Product Highlights

  • Serrated Teeth

    Vantrunk's Intelok Channel comes with serrations on its return flanges to significantly enhance slip resistance.

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