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Speedway 60° Inside Riser

Speedway 60° Inside Risers are available in widths from 150mm to 900mm and standard radii of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm. Other widths between 100mm to 1500mm and radii, subject to cable ladder system type, are also available.

All fittings are supplied with all necessary fixings for connecting fittings to straight ladder.

The rungs are located at the intersection of adjacent facets and are orientated with the open face uppermost to suit the use of cleats and similar cable restraint devices. This allows compliance with current recommendations for cable restraint, especially where cables are used which have a high potential fault current level.

Speedway 60° Inside Riser

Product Highlights

  • Integral Coupler

    All Speedway® fittings are manufactured with the Speedlok integral coupler as standard that reduces the overall weight of an installation, and by eliminating the need for a separate coupler when connecting fittings to straight lengths and reducing the number of fixings required reduces the ladder to fitting installation time by 67%.

  • Earth Continuity

    Speedway® fittings come with a pre-punched hole for use with the Earth Bonding Strap.

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