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Speedway External Flange Clamp

The External Flange Clamp (EFC) forms a simple but effective means of connecting Speedway Cable Ladder and Fittings to the supporting structure. Designed for use with either channel (BS 6946 strut type) or structural steelwork, the external flange clamp has an M10 clearance hole.

Forming a secure clamping attachment onto the bottom flange of the Speedway profile, the external flange clamp can be used with all Speedway SW4, SW5, & SW6 cable ladder and fittings.

The External Flange Clamp is suitable for securing horizontal runs of Speedway Cable Ladder and Fittings in the horizontal plane. External Flange Clamps are not suitable for supporting Speedway Cable Ladder installed as part of a vertical run.

Speedway External Flange Clamp

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