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Speedway Louvered Covers

Louvered Covers are similar to closed covers but with the addition of louvres for improved air flow through the cable space. Louvered covers are particularly useful where heavy duty power cables are being used.

Most traditional cable management systems offer a raised cover for ventilation. Conventional raised covers have a number of considerations to be taken into account before installing them. First of which is that the cover will be susceptible to being lifted off in excessive winds, also the extra brackets and fixings will add to the installation time of each cover. Raised covers loading performance is far less than the loading performance of a close fitting louvered cover and due to the cover only being supported locally at the fixing point the raised cover is susceptible to sagging which will allow water and debris to build up.

Louvered Covers of widths of 450mm and above are supplied with Bracing Kits (CBK).

Speedway Louvered Cover

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