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Speedway Short Adjustable Coupler

Speedway Short Adjustable Couplers are used to create custom reductions during installation & to convert equal tees and crosses into unequal tees and crosses when used with a Fitting to Fitting Coupler (FFC).

Speedway Short Adjustable Couplers are supplied singly and complete with all necessary ladder fixing sets. Each adjustable coupler has 50mm long segments with easi-bend slots which allow the couplers to be adjusted onsite to suit specific installation requirements.

Short adjustable couplers allow reductions of up to & including 150mm per coupler. A single short coupler can be used in conjunction with a standard coupler to create an offset connection between two ladders or fittings of differing widths. For concentric reductions, two short or long adjustable couplers are required.

Speedway Short Adjustable Coupler

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