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Speedway Adaptable Fixing Bracket

The Speedway Adaptable Fixing Bracket (AFB) provides a bolted connection between the supporting structure and the Speedway Cable Ladder & Fittings. The adaptable fixing bracket is recommended for use in supporting vertical runs of Speedway Cable Ladder and Fittings and for applications where the Speedway Cable Ladder is edge-mounted (i.e. installed in the vertical plane running horizontally).

The adaptable fixing bracket gives multiple fixing options for attaching and securing Speedway Cable Ladder and Fittings. Forming a secure bolted connection into the lower row of slots, the adaptable fixing bracket is suitable for use with Speedway SW4, SW5, & SW6 Cable Ladder and Fittings.

For those applications where space is limited, the Adaptable Fixing Bracket can be fitted internally within the Speedway Cable Ladder. The unique design of the Adaptable Fixing Bracket is such that there is no decrease in the effective loading area of the cable ladder when installed in this manner. The adaptable fixing bracket can also be used singularly or in pairs to suspend Speedway Cable Ladder from threaded rod.

For Speedway SW4 & SW5 Cable Ladder, the adaptable fixing bracket forms a simple but effective end connector to walls and floors. The adaptable fixing bracket is supplied with one ladder fixing as standard. Safe working load 300kg per pair of adaptable fixing brackets when supporting edge mounted Speedway cable ladder. Safe working load 215 kg per pair of adaptable fixing brackets when supporting Speedway Cable Ladder installed as part of a vertical run.

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